JSBY as Rural Insurance

The Janata  Suraksha Bima Yojna


  • This Policy consists of 2 Sections.
  • Section 1A covers Dwelling (building) against the perils covered under Standard Fire and Special Perils Policy including Earthquake.
  • Section 1B provides cover for household contents for fire group of perils on a first loss (50%) basis. Section 1C provides cover for household goods (same as section 1B) against burglary on a first loss (50%) basis.
  • Section 2 provides coverage to Insured against Personal Accident covering insured person and spouse on a floater sum insured basis. Personal accident insurance provides coverage against death and permanent total disability resulting from an accidental injury.
  • The policy can be offered to individuals as well as group.


  • The coverage under Section 1(B) & (C) i.e. Fire and Burglary, is given on First Loss basis, with Sum Insured representing 50% limit of total value at risk. If value at risk is more than twice the sum insured under insurance would be applicable.
  • For Sections 1 the claim settlement will be on Market Value basis.
  • The age limit for persons to be covered under the Personal Accident Sections is between 18 to 70 years.
  • No mid term addition or deletion of members shall be allowed under the policy during the course of the year except for due to marriage during currency of the policy.
  • The policy can be sold on individual as well as group basis.
  • Multiple Janata Suraksha Bima Policies to one household is not allowed.
  • Basis of claim settlement will be the Market value of the Insured Property at the time of damage.



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